Writing Challenge #2


Using a random number generator and the above link I have been trying to write 100 – 150 word story/description based around one original word and one emotion. It might not be the story I’m supposed to be writing but it’s helping me  bypass the block that writing it gave me after I ran out of steam so enjoy.

Original word – Number 85Falling

Emotion – Number 56Glad

Max word count – 100-150

Standing at the top of this abandoned mental institution my thoughts wander to why I’m here on top of this building and not enjoying a happy, fulfilling life.

Bullying, death, family problems.

They all make me want to do this, to stand here on the edge and stare into the nights sky.

One more step and I would be gone.

It’s funny really, I’m not here to die, just to think.


Startled by the voice, my feet move involuntarily and I find myself falling into the abyss that is death.

In the end I’m glad I’m dead.

I think I will be missed and that will prove that people really did care about me when I was alive.

Total  word count; 119


About aliceinsanity

Just a 21 year old British girl trying to put some positivity back. | My fandoms are my family. | My books are my life.
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